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For many of us, the hours of 5to9 are spent relaxing at home huddled up to a TV. For Robert Workman those hours are spent tilling his garden, tending to his animals and reaping the rewards of a life spent outside. Robert Workman never set out to live a typical life. A self proclaimed serial entrepreneur Robert has founded some of the most iconic brands in the Outdoor Industry. From portable energy solutions at Goal Zero to beautifully crafted gardening and camping equipment at Barebones Living, Robert's daily routine is just as exotic as his brands product offerings. Join Gear.com as we take you behind the scenes on his ranch to spend some time learning more about what it means to dig in the dirt and spend our precious time outdoors.


#5to9 After years of seeking the best work life balance we could to no avail, we all jumped ship on the corporate grind and decided that we wanted to take a stand. A stand against a mundane life seemingly lived between spreadsheet cells and the hours of nine to five. #5to9 is all about reclamation. Clawing back the best hours of the day for our passions outside and time spent with friends and family. The dawn-to-desk and desk-to-dusk moments…. the golden hours.

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October 5, 2018